Uncut Cock

Starring: Seth Peterson, Chris Peyton

May 2, 2020

Video Length: 20 minutes

This banger brings two of the hottest, new, young talents together, Seth Peterson, and Chris Peyton. These fresh faces both have just a handful of videos, but have already developed quite the fan base; and, this hardcore scorcher will definitely quench that thirst for more. Tall, tan twink Peyton proves his dominance from the jump, kissing sexy boy Seth like a beast. He makes his way down to Peterson’s pants, and unbuttons his fly, revealing hot yellow drawers, highlighting his hard-on. Chris wastes no time, inhaling the dark haired dude’s dick like dinner. Then, Peterson pushes the big boy onto the bed, pulls down his “green for go” boxer briefs, and works his uncut cock overtime, only taking breaks to suck his sack. Anxious to please in every way, Peyton pushes the young Tom Cruise lookalike onto his back, then eats that beautiful butt while “spread eagle Seth” moans for more. After the deep dive into that derrière, Chris slides behind the hottie, then slips him the D. Peterson gets pounded out on his side, before bucking up and ordering his titan of a top to lay on his back. Then, he hops on that uncut hog and takes it for a raunchy ride, arching his back and squeezing those bubble butt muscles, showing the beauty of that body. Chris can’t take his eyes off Seth’s schlong strokes, inches from his mouth as he awaits the windfall of fuck that eventually floods his chiseled chest! The sticky sight sends Peyton’s piece into the sex stratosphere, and his uncut cock cums, right next to Seth’s smooth crack.

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